Make a Claim

Claims are handled directly by the underwriter ARAG PLC.

In the event that you receive a request from HMRC, please send an email to newclaims@arag.co.uk and reference your Policy ID. Please include in this email

A PDF claims form containing all the information can be downloaded here.

We also recommend that you 'cc' contact@feeprotect.com so that we can kept in picture and assist if required.

You should notify ARAG of the claim as soon as you become aware of an enquiry and prior to your accountant incurring any fees dealing with the enquiry. ARAG will then liaise directly with your accountant in respect of approving fees and settling invoices. 

**Important** Please note that all fees incurred by your accountant must be approved by the underwriter advance of them undertaking the work. Essentially they require an estimate for the cost of work in advance, in order to control costs and keep your premiums low.

Please note: The underwriter has a 'within 5 working days' service level when for responding to new claims