Asked Questions

about FeeProtect

If I purchase today when will the cover begin?

If you purchase today, cover can begin tomorrow or up to 30 days in the future.  Cover is subject to insurer’s accepting your application and us receiving your full payment.  Note that the Policy will not cover claims that arise directly from facts and events that exist prior to inception which are likely to cause a claim against the Policy.  Therefore if you are already subject to an HMRC enquiry or dispute you should wait for the enquiry to conclude before purchasing cover as the ongoing enquiry and any further enquiries that arise before that enquiry has concluded will not be covered by this Policy.    

Does the policy automatically renew?

Is £180/hr the maximum fee the policy will pay?

What is the difference between a Private Individual and Sole Trader?

Will I receive paper copies of my policy documents?

Who is the underwriter of the policy?

My billing address is different to my business address, is this a problem?

Can I buy on behalf of of another business?

Does the Policy cover VAT and PAYE Compliance Visits?

If I insure a business will the Policy also cover the Directors and Partners?

Does the Policy cover Business Record Checks?

What is the maximum amount the Policy will pay out in the event of a claim?

Will the Policy cover costs incurred disputing HMRC’s findings at a Tribunal?

GDPR and data security

Can I have an example of how it works?

Will buying this insurance put me on the hmrc RADAR?

I've purchased - but I've not had any emails confirming. WHY?

Does this cover R&D tax relief?

Why can’t a put in my company name during the final stages of purchasing?